TSM4 Double Solid Oak Ashes Casket

TSM1 Single size also available

Also stocked in Mahogany

(other styles available on request)

Luxury Casket bag available on request

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TSM1 Double Solid Oak Ashes Casket

345 (W) x 260 (D) x 145 (H)

The TSM1 Double Solid Ashes Casket is designed to hold upto two sets of cremated ashes.

The TSM1 Double Solid Oak Ashes Casket, is also our most popular best selling style of double Ashes Casket

The TSM1 Double Solid Oak Ashes Casket is designed with the fixing screws concealed deep into the base preventing any surface scratches, it is also designed with no panel pins visible in the lid.

Other styles of Double Ashes Casket are also available please ring our sales team for details.

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